Reasons Why I Believe Jada Pinket Smith is an Igbo Girl

I believe by now, everyone is well caught up on this Will and Jada drama. 

While Will and Jada must be both very messy lovers the person who said they want this kind of love should come back and take his lyrics back. May we not see evil. 

But yes, will is as bad as his wife or not wife, it’s hard to keep up with them at this point, aren’t women supposed to be more lowkey about this infidelity thing? Is patriarchy losing? No wonder men are so pissed lma

You see this thing our lovely Jada Pinketh pac- Sorry Smith is doing, is what an average man does to his partner lmao, embarrass her on national TV with his loud mouth, ridiculous scandals and previous or current loves. It’s tiring 

Liberating as well to see us truly understand that women are neither Saints nor sinners.

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