What To Do If You See Your Ex On The Road And They Are Finer

1.Act psychotic. This is the only reasonable thing to do because what do you mean you get finer after we broke up, You must be mad and if you are not mad, I can be for the both of us

2. Borrow somebody’s child: There should be a child nearby, ask the parent to lend you the infant and begin to wail and scream so everyone knows that this person jilted you with a child.

3. Go blind: We all know that song that goes, I would instead go blind, well go blind because there is nothing else you can do. The devil may work hard, but your ex sure does work harder.

4. SZA that shit up: We are not asking you to kill Bill anyone but just ask yourself, WWSZAD? 

5. Wake up: It is a dream; you do not have an ex because you are single and have always been single, so wake up.

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