Shogun explained to the Nigerian viewers who thought Shogun was about to be a Yoruba drama. 


In hindsight, Yoruba people are very exclusionary so maybe Anjin should be a Yoruba word



“Shogun” is set in a world where Spain and Portugal have divided the globe, with Japan inadvertently falling under Spanish control. In this alternate reality, Spain essentially owns Japan. The novel “Shōgun,” published in 1975 and written by James Clavell, draws inspiration from actual events during Japan’s late Sengoku period (1467–1615). This historical backdrop lends a sense of authenticity to the narrative, grounding the story’s horror in real-world events and dynamics.


The movie begins with the director conveying, through written form, the death of Taikō, akin to the emperor, and the ensuing political landscape. Taikō’s passing leaves behind a young heir and a council of regents tasked with governing Japan until the heir reaches maturity. However, as is common in dramas of this nature, intrigue ensues, leading to the attempted ousting and assassination of Lord Taronaga, who was a close confidant of Taikō and guardian of the young heir.


The delicate balance of power is further disrupted when a white man and his crew set foot on Japanese soil. This individual, known as Anjin, meaning pilot, is referred to as Blackthorne, based on the historical figure William Adams, the first Englishman to arrive in Japan. The character Toranaga mirrors Tokugawa Ieyasu, whose shogunate marked the beginning of the Tokugawa period, characterized by economic prosperity and internal stability following centuries of samurai conflict.


Amidst the political machinations, Toda Mariko, a formidable and elegant Christian Japanese noblewoman, serves as Blackthorne’s translator and love interest. Her character draws inspiration from Hosokawa Gracia, a real historical figure who played a pivotal role in Tokugawa’s conflicts.


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