The States With The Highest Internally Generated Revenue In Nigeria

The Federal Republic of Nigeria boasts of  considerable wealth in the Africa continent, thanks to its vast amount of natural resources like, oil, coal, tin, and iron ore.

A number of states in the country have managed to contribute a large quota to the country’s internal revenue, propelling the country into economic prosperity, thereby enabling the country to develop in various sectors like, tourism, infrastructural development, education, and intellectual advancement.


Here then, are the states with the highest internally generated revenue in Nigeria.


1. Lagos – N651.2 billion

2. Rivers – N172.8 billion

3. FCT – N124.4 billion

4. Ogun – N120.6 billion

5. Delta – N85.9 billion

6. Oyo – N62.2 billion

7. Kaduna – N58.1 billion

8. Edo – N47.5 billion

9. Kano – N42.5 billion

10. Kwara – N35.8 billion

11. Akwa Ibom – N34.8 billion

12. Anambra – N33.9 billion

13. Ondo – N32.6 billion

14. Enugu – N28.7 billion

15. Bauchi – N25.5 billion


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