Fashion: Accessories that can easily spice up your lewk

It is Y2k season, and the period of everything fashionable and stylish but some people will never be part of that life and will like to stick to their vanilla dressing, sometimes, we just need that extra something to make the fit bang.


Super hair accessories are a great addition to Whatever style you choose—a turban, a laurel crown, a face cap or simply a plain headband—the end result will be attractive, also Add some flair to your look with a silk scarf.

Shoes are the next important component since how you mix your shoes with your outfit ultimately determines how you look. We advise choosing complementary but opposing styles wherever possible, such as boots with a floral dress, leather pants with formal pumps, gauchos with block-heeled mules, etc.

Choose some chokers or thick necklaces. You won’t need to wear everything in your wardrobe because they will add some spice to your top.

And if you need one more fashion-savvy hint to completely change your image, choose a pair of big specs and embrace your inner nerd.

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