Okpa and bananas are not allies

I am speaking from experience so take these words I tell you seriously.

Whatever you do, DON’T EVER EAT OKPA AND BANANA TOGETHER, unless of course you want to return to your maker. I remember when I made this mistake.

We don’t usually eat okpa (Bambara nut) in my house, infact up until 2019 I had never tasted this relative of moi-moi (bean cake) which hails from the Eastern Nigeria. I and my family had just moved to new location in Abuja and okpa sellers were about seven on the street.

Everywhere you turn, “Get ya okpa hia”.
So I went out on a limb one Saturday afternoon after church and purchased okpa of 150 naira, I still don’t know if that woman cheated me because that okpa was quite small.
I ate it Sha, with half a mind and I must admit it was very tasty.

Now, I’m a lover of bananas and we almost always have bananas in our home.

So immediately I got home, the memory of okpa completely faded from my mind but not belly, so I ate the bananas.

Credit: fivesechealth

In SpongeBob’s voice “a few moments later”
I was bending over back on the toilet sit and cursing all the 2000 gods.

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