Tolulope Arotile: An Inspiration to Every Nigerian

Famed for being the first female combat helicopter pilot in Nigeria. However, Tolulope was a whole lot more. A vibrant, elegant, energetic and inspiring young lady who took the bull by the horn and stormed into a field that naturally might be seen as a male stereotyped one.

Credit: Nigerian Air Force

Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile got winged into Nigerian Air Force as the first female combat helicopter pilot. This was a great feat that is worthy of emulation and it serves as a source of inspiration for other Nigerians willing to go into various parlances of their choice. Just as Tolulope did, you can also do much more.

Credit: Nigerian Air Force

The Kogi State born has more than anything proved to the country and the world at large that gender is not a barrier to achieving or pursuing one’s dream to the fullest. She practically stared confidence in the face and it’s near evident that her name would remain on the sands of time even as the country mourns her demise.

The tragic event happened at the NAF base in Kaduna where she sustained head injuries in a car accident which eventually led to her death. All through her lifetime, Tolulope was celebrated for one accomplishment or the other which are all very commendable.

During her work at the NAF, she contributed significantly to getting rid of armed bandits in the North Central States by flying several combat missions. She is indeed a very courageous person who took up the challenge to work in the military and even go on missions that some might have seen as threatening.

She attended the Starlite International Training Academy in South Africa and got decorated at the age of 22. She also graduated as the best graduating student of her set.

It is easily deduceable that Tolulope was a brilliant, courageous, bold, and strong woman who was determined to make exploits even in her early 20s.

I celebrate Tolulope for being such a great and strong woman. I celebrate the family of the Arotiles for training Tolulope and supporting her to become who she became before death dealt us a huge blow.
The death of Tolulope Arotile is indeed a painful one for the family, for us, the Airforce, and the nation at large.

I greatly sympathize with the family for we know it is indeed painful and sorrowful to lose a loved one. She lives on and will forever be an inspiration to many of us.


Oladiran Titilope  is a graduate of Mass Communication, University of Ilorin. She is a writer and content developer. Founder of Teebooks Review, an online literary community known for its reviews and impactful seminars.

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  • Thank you so much for this. Tolu is indeed an inspiration to Nigerians especially the female folks.

  • She’s really an inspiration to us Young people, age is never is a barrier to greatness.

    Thanks for the article, Titilope.

  • Very sad to lose someone of great value to the nation, herself and her family.

    Great write up, thanks for sharing.

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