Health Corner: Top 5 Health Behaviours

Hi guys, it’s another beautiful Saturday, and what better time to take a break, relax, recharge and keep your body and health in good condition. Asides the regular morning jogging and exercises, I’d like to highlight a few other things you should incorporate into your lifestyle to keep you as healthy as possible.

Carefully skim through the following, Oh! Did I say ‘skim’?. Nah, I meant carefully read through and you’d be sure to have learnt a thing or two on Gleetz Health Corner today;

1. Stay physically active: Now, this is quite straight forward. It simply means you should forgo being too reclusive. Staying all the time indoors like a trapped crab doesn’t do your body much of good. Step out, get some Vitamin D, stretch your legs and allow your eyes to behold the beauty of nature. It goes a long way in improving your overall well being.

2. Maintain a healthy weight: This is just as important as number 1 above. Often times, your weight determines how healthy you’d be. Too much weight means too many problems in the body, while an average weight which is usually as a result of healthy eating regime and regular exercises makes for better body condition.

3. Cut down on carbs and Alcohol: In all honesty, we can’t totally do away with carbs in our daily food routines. Foods such as Bread, Cookies, Pizza, Carbonated drinks, Canned and processed foods etc are some of our usuals, but the truth is that we can actually trim down on how much we consume them. Get fruit tomatoes instead of the sachet ones, fruits in place of sodas and water instead of Alcohol. Or simply do red wines once in a while.

4. Stop Smoking: This habit is relatively common these days, and it makes me wonder why so much people indulge in it. Well, it would make a lot of sense socially, and more importantly, health-wise if we can reduce or do away with smoking altogether. It would help avoid the risk of health issues such as cancer, tuberculosis, Chronic bronchitis, Heart diseases and the likes.

5. Get enough sleep: This should normally be the easiest of the lot. But on the contrary, we’ve discovered that it’s the hardest for people to do. Research shows that more that 45% of the populace don’t get enough rest, and lack of proper sleep tends to take a toll on the human body. For every day, you are expected to get at least 8-9 hours of genuine rest. It helps your body function well when you need it to.

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