Player in Focus: What does Sterling bring to Chelsea?

It’s probably no more news that Chelsea have now signed their first major player under the new ownership, and for lack of better words, I’d say it’s a massive purchase. However, considering the mixed reactions that have greeted the signing of Sterling, It’s absolutely fine to wonder what the former City ace brings to this Chelsea side.

As always, at Gleetz, we’ve got you on all football gists, and we’ve decided to highlight some of the pros of this purchase;

• Raheem is a proven goal scorer, and since the Chelsea attack have looked goal-shy these past few years, it’s only natural to think that Sterling will offer a lot in the goal scoring department.

• The Brent born forward is 27 years and pretty much at the peak of his powers. Now, what this means is that Chelsea got him at the prime of his career, and for a very good price too.

• Sterling is predominantly a winger, but for someone with an eye for goal, the English man can offer so much more playing as a striker or off the main striker, which would be a plus for that Chelsea front line.

• Finally, his experience and leadership qualities would come handy for youngsters like Mount, Pulisic, Havertz, Odoi and others.

So, you see. Chelsea didn’t just sign a new player, they literally milked Manchester City to the fullest, and we’ll see just how that will pan out for them going forward.

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