4 Things to do to get healthier

Living a healthy life is more than fatphobia and jumping on every diet plan, it is the little things you in cooperate into your life as you grow older.

1. Socialize: This may come off as a struggle to introverts and a piece of cake to extroverts, nevertheless socializing makes you happier and more productive. So, get up from bed and text that friend, go somewhere and have fun.

2. Sleep: If you are like me and suffer from mild insomnia, this may be a tad difficult but you could see a doctor and they put you on medications that calm your nerves because lack of sleep can leed to obesity, depression and so much more. So, get your 7-9 hours of sleep today.

3. Avoid stress: Stress is not something you can exactly avoid, but when you feel yourself getting stressed just pause and take a deep breathe, try to accept the things you cannot change and move on with the things you can.

Here’s a bonus tip, don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.

4. Have sex: As long as you keep it safe, protect you and your partner from disease and unwanted pregnancy. This is linked to heart health, brain health and long life.


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