Food poisoning at convenant university

Covenant University students are not allowed to cook as with many other private schools, but in recent news, it appears this situation has caused a massive case of food poisoning among the students. 


The school’s health facility is facing an unprecedented influx of students in need, overwhelming its capacity. However, the university administration has chosen to remain silent on the issue. Numerous attempts to communicate with pertinent officials through calls and messages have gone unanswered for an extended period, raising concerns about the lack of transparency and responsiveness regarding the situation.


Communication with students on the issue at hand has proven difficult as the university has very strict policies including the ban on telephones. Accessories and wear are also banned at the university, everyone has to look and act a certain way, including hairstyle that I acceptable for giirlss and boys. 


Although the school has released a statement claiming everything is alright we can only hope that this sis not an attempt to save face. 

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