Movie Review: Shanty Town

We don’t think “grim” even comes close to describing Shanty Town. We typically use that phrase to characterize post-apocalyptic television programs in which characters must just survive one zombie or other monster onslaught to the next. But with Scar in charge of a country where violence predominates and the objective is to conscript as many destitute people into servitude to one kingpin as possible, the grimness here is more pervasive and unrelenting.

The fight scenes aren’t entirely convincing and try a little too hard to imitate Hollywood. This is not how we fight. I’m not sure if it’s an Indian, Chinese, or Nigerian fighting style.

The Dame’s costumes are lovely, but Chief Fernandez’s clothes look too much like Gen Z clothing. He is a respected member of the society, a chief, and his costume should reflect that, but the beads on him are too cheap and too obvious.

There were high expectations for this film, which had a star-studded cast and was the first Nollywood release of 2023. However, after watching the film, it appears that it lacks a sense of originality and just follows the usual plot that has been seen in Nollywood movies like ‘King of Boys’.

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