2023 bits: Get this in your sticky notes

It’s the very last day of the year 2022, and we can’t help but feel this tinge within us, something in more ways than one. Is it ecstasy, joy, fear, excitement, or even indifference. It appears nebulous, to say the least but whatever it is, nobody is spared of a certain kind of feeling this period_ depending on whatever you choose to call it.

However, just as the year peters out, we thought to put together a few things you probably did all year long and what you should do more and possibly ditch in the coming year to have a swell new year.

1. Stop comparing yourself with others: So, many of us did this shit countless times this year, and more than we know it, it limited us in pretty much many ways. I mean, I don’t have anything against wanting to be like someone because of what you think they’re achieving. But, you shouldn’t necessarily put your life on hold through an unhealthy comparison with theirs so much that you unconsciously lose your own self.

2. Cut down on impulsive purchases: If you can resist the urge to check into malls, restaurants etc, please do. Whatever will help you trim down your excessive buying, this new year, do it!.

3. Stop over scheduling yourself: I know some of us are top tier humans when it comes to doing a lot of things at the same time. This new year, try to understand that it’s absolutely fine to turn down plans without beating yourself. You’re just human and you can’t satisfy every single urge. Pick shifts, attend appointments, map plans that will suit you before thinking of the other parties involved.

4. Swap booze for water: Taking alcohol once in a while isn’t a bad idea, but sometimes, take water. As a matter of fact, take plenty of water instead of plenty of alcohol. Both don’t even compensate each other to start with, so why not prioritize water.

5. Respect yourself: Just as you’ve done this year, and I’m super proud of you. This new year, do more of it. Respect yourself, take pride in yourself, push yourself moderately and you’ll discover how much respect you’ll get in return. If they don’t call you, don’t go!. If they don’t inform you, don’t ask!. Just respect yourself.

6. Allow God call the shots: Oh! Well, I’m sorry, but I just needed to add this one too. It summarizes everything, and that’s because God is the center of our existence, so why not allow Him in the mix. Just involve nature, and watch as everything falls into sweet places for you.

Ire o!.

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