Christmassy: Travelling tips this season

Experts are divided on when is the optimum time to book flights; suggestions range from November to a few weeks before the start of the holiday season. However, making reservations early will probably provide you the best selection.

Here are few tips that will help you

1. Ridesharing and rental vehicles:

Chaos has returned. Last-minute rental car searches are difficult and quite expensive. If you do manage to board, your reserved seat might not be available. Plan beforehand and don’t wait until the last minute! Pick locations where renting a car is not necessary, or even better

2. Do restaurants you intend to visit accept bookings?

Making plans in advance for the holidays puts you at the top of your game. This is true for restaurants as well. Have a destination you can’t wait to explore? Make reservations for the Christmas season as soon as they open to guarantee you have a spot at a table.

3. Try and bring carry-on luggage if you can:

It is annoying to lose a checked bag. Imagine that you misplace a checked bag that contains all the presents you laboriously purchased for your grandparents, nieces, nephews, uncles, and other family members.

It’s sad, but if you can live without a few things, it’s best to only pack a carry-on to reduce the chance that you’ll lose anything.

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