How to make the most of the 100 days of January

100 days of Christmas, the grave chronicles of capitalism seasons 1-45.

Because it never ends, this January that we just entered? It never ends, maybe that is why everyone gets so drained so quickly, January uses up 265 days out of the 365 days that are supposed to be in the year.

I saw a video on the gram and this lady was like whatever version of me you saw in December, forget it, right now, because now I simply loveeeee budgeting.

Nothing could be more true, budgeting for January on December salary that you already spent by the 12th of December is a tough nut to crack.

This month, we will crack it because why?

January is our year!

But don’t shout too much so we do not jinx it.

So sip your garrium sulfate in peace, February is coming, and everything will be alright.





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