Tems; The Golden girl

Temilade Openiyi is a first-generation Nigerian. She is making great strides as a singer, songwriter, and record producer, which can only be attributed to her immense talent and grace.

Things have been happening to Openiyi recently, ever since her release of “Essence” in 2020. The duet with Wizkid peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, earning Openiyi a Grammy nomination as well as a slew of celebrity fans. A video of Adele, a confirmed Tems fan, singing Openiyi’s “Try Me” went viral on social media last year. SZA tweeted, “‘Free Mind’ by Tems has me in a fucking choke hold… wow.”

The fact that we are currently witnessing the rise of a megastar in the making is truly amazing. Tems’ achievements are practically limitless at the age of 27. She currently has one of the most distinct voices in the music industry and is establishing herself as a formidable force.


As a teenager, she joined a choir and, reluctantly, studied economics at Monash University South Africa in Johannesburg. In her spare time, she composed music and taught herself how to make beats by watching YouTube videos. She hadn’t considered a global success or even a professional career. She was just trying to process her own emotions and make the music she wanted to hear at the time.

Her most successful endeavors in the last year are proof she is only just getting started!






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