Skin care routine to detty your december

December is almost two weeks in and some people are yet to decide If they will detty this december or have it squeaky clean, either ways, we are here for you and now that weahter you want to be sitting at home all day in your jammies drinking hot tea or cruising the streets of nigeria your skin should be skinning, that is just how it is!

The things at the top of our list to have absolutely popping skin is; Peace of mind.

Outside is a direct reflection oof what we feel within, if you do not feel safe and sound within, you cannot help but look no too great, so settle your mind, do not rush yourself, time is a social construct, knw and understand that everything will be alright.

Actually moisturize and wash your face

It is easy to go all zen on you and say ‘oh be good to yourself and love yourself’ but you also need to moisturise your skin, some people will leave thier ashy as hell skin and just be going about life.






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