How to get the concert experience before the year runs out

This is for the introverts, mummy’s boys and daddy’s girls who have not been able to attend a single concert this year, also for the ones who have been forced to become couc potatoes by thier financial status, we see you and we understand the troubles you go through, the year is coming too a close and artists have come out in their full force to give as many concerts as possible but the above people will not be attending any, rather they will be but from snapchat and instagram low quality videos.

But it could be more, if you really want to feel the andrenaline that comes with going to a concert, you can try going thrifting at your local market, there you can feel the pushing an thugging you would feel at a regular concert and if you wanted someone to sing with your devotion, you could go to the church and sit front row while the choir presents.

Finally if you are there with hopes of any of the superstars seeing you and falling in love, try tattooing thier names on your body and posting it on social media. That always works!




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