Gleetz Health corner: 3 easy exercises to keep fit indoors

On this episode of Gleetz’s Health corner we’ve decided to ply a route that should easily sit well with everyone. After all, keeping fit does no one any harm. So today, we bring to you three (3) of some of the DIY exercises to keep fit and be in good shape in more ways than one.

1. Skipping: This is a very popular activity, albeit some tend to engage in it simply as a hobby_ And that’s absolutely fine. However, for those that haven’t seen the need to get their skipping ropes, perhaps this article will trigger a change of mind.

Skipping is a very great way of burning calories, sweating it out and keeping the entire body fit, especially your biceps and triceps. And on the plus side, it doesn’t cost you a dime as you don’t even need to hit a gym before engaging in it.

2. Push Ups: This is a very common one. All you need do is get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, straighten your arms and legs, then you gently lower your body with your chest almost touching the floor_then you push back up and simply repeat reps as much as your strength can carry you.

3. Stairs racing: For those who have stairs in their apartments, all you have to do is race up and down the stairs as fast as possible and as many times as possible. You might need to watch your footings though, be careful while at it, but ensure that you’re timed, as that will help you count your number of reps.



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