How to enjoy the World cup as a newb

This post is for people like me who do not have any foundational knowledge of the football world but can hear all the hype –I mean, football fans will not let the TL rest, so, we can also hear the screams of joy that come from those small beer parlors whn one team is playing another and sometimes we would like to partake in the ghana versus Nigeria bant but do not know what to say, I have created a small starter pack for you;

1. Open a Twitter account; You want to use something other than your original account for this.
Football trolls are deadly.
2. Tweet something out of pocket like Messi is greater than Ronaldo or vice versa.
3. Tweet match predictions for the ones who bet

4. Pick a team and support them without doing any background research; if they loose, find another team.

I wish you Godspeed.

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