Cocoon phase – Healing 101

I recently learned a new phrase over the weekend called the cocoon phase, and it stuck with me because of how much I love raccoons, but that is beside the point.

Cocoon phase, The Stage of the Cocoon (This stage is also referred to as the chrysalis stage.) This is the point at which we realize that our lives are changing and that our old ways of doing things are no longer serving us.

When this happens, we encounter a slew of “dissolving” experiences. We may believe that everything is crumbling around us, that we are losing everyone and everything. Dissolving feels like death because it is the end of who you are.

And that is scary; undoubtedly, you must remember that a change is occurring, and your mind should not trick you into engaging in harmful activities like fighting your feelings, trying to relive your former lives, or jumping right into something new.

Instead of dwelling on hopes and fears for an unknown future, concentrate on what is happening now.

“Cocoon” Yourself in Physical and mental Ways







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