Under the lens: Obi’s provenance might just or just not be enough

If I am to make a list of reasons you should vote for peter obi it would go like this;

1. Throughout his tenure, he paid all gratuities, pensions, and salaries and cleared the backlog.

2. In Anambra, he paid 5000 to people aged 70 and up every month.

3. He gave a million dollars to every first-year graduate in Anambra.

I will even go on to add that In several interviews, Peter Obi stated that the state would add N120 million to the $1 million grant to build 10 maternities in rural areas of the state, a hostel block at the teaching hospital for medical students, and a fumigation exercise to combat malaria.

But did you know peter is crowdfunding to run for the presidency?

Crowdfunding for presidential elections isn’t a novel idea and isn’t particularly allowed by the electoral commission. Still, it is an interesting request from a campaign that has made stinginess its trademark.

We would like to see just how this plays out.






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