How to know if your dad is a sugar daddy

Sugar Daddy, or papito sucritos or glucose guardian as it is fondly called is a term used to describe a man who judiciously invests, most times with no hope of returns, in a young man or woman’s life.

A glucose guardian can also be a woman who spends lavishly on another man or woman, thus including the term ‘sugar mummy’.

In most cases there is a wide age gap between the ‘sugar child’ –for lack of a better word, and the sugar provider.

The common conception is that this relationship between the two adults is funded by sex and money but that is not always the case, sometimes it is done out of compassion, or even companionship.

Today however, we will talk about the sugar daddies who are actively trying to upgrade their status to boyfriend.

These ones are not contended and believe they still ‘got it’ and we are not saying they don’t but researching about zodiac signs on your office computer is a dead give away.

And those kicks? Daddy please allow your son shine.

I think the height of the cosplaying is when they start to work out and become to invested in their skincare and appearance, sometimes it is old age but most times, one ‘folurunsho’ has told them they will only date young guys.








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