Qatar 2022 World cup: A perfect fit for sports tourism

With just about 32 days left before the first ball is kicked in Qatar later this year, it’s well pinned if we quietly grin, wink and ungingerly stroll off in sheer ecstacy of what’s to come when the world cup is finally in full swing.

Well, just so you don’t mince it, this piece isn’t your regular sports gist, instead it’s more of touristy than sports. However, who cares? I presume we can simply lump both in one basket, and no one would get hurt afterwards.

Sports tourism has been around for a while, but the reality just dawned on most of us not too long ago when we saw the need to consciously travel many miles for the sole purpose of enjoying sporting activities like football, Golf, Tennis etc.

Sports is undoubtedly one of the most soothing spectacle anyone can behold and the most amazing part of it is that you’ll always have your own poison. If you don’t fancy one, you’ll most likely fancy the other_ which makes for a perfect feat altogether.

The Qatar 2022 World cup has been hugging the headlines for quite some time, and one might wonder what this has got to do with tourism. Well, it’s got everything to do with tourism. After all, that is where Sports tourism comes in. You already know that tourism is an activity which involves traveling to a particular destination for leisure, Sports, academic, health, etc, but with the sole purpose of exploring the new site while staying more than a day and less than a year.

It is projected that at least 1.2 million people will be visiting Qatar for the football mundial and the World Cup organisers have stated in clear terms that there will be in the excess of 200,000 spectators travelling to matches across the various Stadia in the country.

Now, take a close, long, last look at it from this angle. Most of these people are traveling to Qatar for the first time, and hadn’t it been for the football Fest, they might not be there in the first place. Exactly! That’s just it.

Away from that, these people get to enjoy the Culture, beauty, thrills, foods, Architecture and every other intriguing things there is to absorb in the country. All of these perks are not just copacetic, but also a vanguard for sports tourism, and it’s safe to say that after the tourney, Qatar might look back in awe as to how many legs graced the Arabian nation in just that one month.

Why Sports tourism?

• It helps build a firm sense of community
• It enhances a destination’s attractiveness from all sides
• Sports tourism gives a perfect chance to meet new people from all walks of life
• It’s a sure means to ensure a sustainable society

Expected Perks for visitors at Qatar 2022.

• Travellers get to wander Through the Souq Waqif – Doha.

• Enjoy Thrills, Sun, and Sand at Doha Winter Wonderland.

• Making a Big Splash at Qetaifan North Island’s Waterpark – Lusail.

• Take a Sand Dune Safari – Doha.

• Spectators have the luxury of seeing the Architectural excellence of the Lusail stadium which is not just the finest amongst the 8 stadia to host the World cup, but also one of the largest in the Arab world.

• A Visit to the Al Zubara Fort – Al Zubara should be a thing to look forward to

• Visitors also get to explore the Qatar National Library which has a book-like architectural design.

Night view of the Library

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