Fun box: Funny things to say if anyone breaks into your house

Slowly and almost insecurely, we creep into festive seasons, where many people awaken their primitive nature just to get this bag up and impress people who do not even like them.

One of the many ways they do this is through breaking and entering, and this is no funny matter, so do not think we are enabling you if you consider doing something this crazy and selfish.

We are not; we hope you are caught, and justice is served.

But just in case an individual tries to take you for a fool and break into your house, here are some things you can say to them that will make you win; well, not your household items, but at least you know you had the last word.

1. I am not tackling you because I want to show you what it’s like to be loved in a home.

2. If it is money you are looking for, I would like to look with you.

3. I always have boring nights; thank you for spicing it up

4. I understand why you are coming in; the wifi is always stronger inside.





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