LinkedIn: The different species of people on the app

I recently attended a workshop, and many things struck me while I was there; the top of the list has got to be WHY DO PEOPLE LIE?.

I am sure that if the trumpet sounded today, the first people to appear in hell would be LinkedIn active users.

Meeting some of the people behind those very interesting taglines was underwhelming; it was like when you order shawarma and meet pomo and egg there; I mean, it is still shawarma if you look at it well.

Here are a few of the different types of people you will meet at LinkedIn

1. The ‘while I was arranging my books on the shelf’ people: these turn everything into a motivational story, and the truth is in real life, they are almost always not that deep.

2. The; Here is how to land your dream job’: Said individual is not working their dream jobs.

3. The ones only there to find remote work and leave Nigerian naira for Abacha.

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