Movie Review: The Invitation

The boost in endorphins and adrenaline, according to research, is what keeps you glued to the screen when watching a horror movie.

This promise of dopamine shots pulls many individuals towards watching the invitation. Does it trigger this flight or fight response?

I wouldn’t say so, but it does a good number of inciting a lot of emotions, from confusion to love; it has a good plot.

Dialogue is top of the market considering the disregard with which communication in most horror movies is treated. The general disconnect between the actor and their words is not felt here; I did say it is not much of a horror movie, so that is a welcome grace.

The storyline is a mix of vampire diaries and girl meets world cliche, and the blend happened quite seamlessly. You only realize you have been bamboozled when you relay the movie to your friends.

As a horror movie, I would rate it a 4/10; as a romance, one 6/10; as paranormal, a solid 8. In my opinion, the general problem of the film is its inability to decide on a genre.

Other than that, it is a great movie to watch while cuddled up to your lover.

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