Food truck festival: Another chance at exploring African delicacies

It’s touristy O’ clock! And today we’ll dwell on a very alien topic, especially to Nigerian ears. It’s the food truck tourism, or to put it on the drawer top, Food Truck Festival!.

In some parts of the world, the food truck experience is quite a scenery that has got loads of interest and positive reviews from people. However, it is not quite a site that has been beheld in Nigeria. Perhaps because no one has seen enough reason(s) to showcase such, or prob’ly because of the fear of it not being accepted with open arms.

Whatever it is, this piece intends to talk more about the plus sides of the Food truck event or festival.

For starters, I do not have anything against stereotype, but as a tourism professional who loves standing outside a jam packed box and enjoys creativity, especially when it’s fun and intriguing, I sort of think that something as scenic as the Food truck tourism/festival should be a vanguard for our regular food festivals.

The food truck experience is that kind of sight that gives people the luxury of tasting different delicacies from various chefs. Albeit, some sections might solely be concerned about the business side of it where they offer food services to customers by showcasing their menus to prospective clients. But I choose to think it goes either ways. The service provider, and the ones enjoying the services.

If the above sounds interesting, then the prospect of curating a festival out of it sounds even more enthralling. A sight where dozens of like minds gather under the sky, with a food truck(s) with dozens of pots containing different delicacies from around the country, music, dance and donning of alluring and colorful costumes will no doubt tickle the mind. Innit?

At this point, I can only imagine that you’re thinking what I’m thinking. Putting the bits together as you read through, and envision taking a front row view of what all of these would look like if something like a Food truck festivals is pulled off.

Below are some of the positives;

1. The most probable knee-jerk reaction of participants will definitely be positive considering the level of creativity, performance and fun to be derived.

2. The Food truck festival will also afford small scale food vendors the chance to sell the food items on a larger pedestal

3. It will provide a rare opportunity to local chefs

4. It will serve as a promotional guise for vendors to attract new customers.

Do you think a food truck festival can be a thing in Nigeria?



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