July is not “julying”, and here’s why

It’s already five days into the seventh month of the year, and the month is not giving, we need a redo button, july is junning and we don’t like it.

Towards the end of june we all came to the consensus that month was straight from hell and it seems like the devil said hold my earrings while he dished july to us.

Yes! Yes!!, the month just begun and we should give it time to show it’s true colors but that is how every abusive relationships start, yes you can’t fix him sis. But maybe there is yet hope for july, maybe we should deep it in rice, to soak up all the residue from the last month.

We need this month to be on its best behavior because it is what will usher us into detty december and december needs to be as detty as possible, 2022 has been one heck of year and 2023 is one big box of suprise.

Chai, las las we go dey alrite!!!

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