Movies Today: Series you must see

There is this elite thing, it is called peer pressure, fortunately or unfortunately we are all subject to it, we spend our days trying to float past it and that doesn’t happen, here are three series that show that.

Stranger things: I do not currently know how long the show has been going on for or how many seasons there are but one thing I am sure of is that everything I know about that series, I did not acquire on my own terms. I am not complaining though, the hype around it and the fact that 60 percent of my friends have seen it require me to remain in some type of loop, it is crazy.

Umbrella Academy: This I am up to date with and I started solely because of number 5 and yes, everyone else, there is just something about succumbing to the words of society and simply doing what it wants from you.

Love Death and robots: Also known among the cool kids as LDR is, i will not say Peer pressure had a lot to do with this, just mostly good pr.

What shows have you started just because you heard about it too much?

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