Top E-learning platforms to help hone your skills.

So, because I feel the need to bring you up to speed about this very particular topic, I have decided to ensure that this article makes for a sweet reading.

It’s no more news that the world is fast becoming an academic space where what you’ve learnt and knowledge acquired would most likely do you more good than harm. And because you don’t even have to be within the classroom walls before you learn most things, this is why I have opted to carefully put together a number of online learning platforms where you can acquire knowledge in as many fields as possible_with most of them providing you with the chance of getting a certificate after you must have completed your course.

Below are some of the e-learning spaces where you can learn at your own pace, and earn a certificate;

1. Alison: Alison is one of the foremost and best e-learning apps that affords you the luxury of studying at your own pace. With loads of free online courses with certificates, Alison gives you the chance to learn, upskill, and empower yourself academically.

2. EdX: This is another amazing online platform where you get to learn and study as much as you can. EdX is believed to stand miles apart from other e-learning platforms because of the fact that it is usually vetted by the top wigs in the various industries and upgraded on regular basis.

3. Coursera: Coursera on it’s own is undoubtedly one of the most popular e-learning platforms at the moment. As a matter of fact it is said to be the world’s leading online learning apps with thousands of courses from educational providers across various disciplines. Coursera is definitely your ‘guy’ if you want to learn from your comfort zone.

4. Udemy: This particular one is slightly different from the aforementioned ones. Udemy is a privately owned brand, and has been around for some time now. They also offer courses that are well organized, educative, informative and well structured, albeit the courses come at a cost that must be paid before taking these courses.

However, it is worth every penny, and should you need to take an online course, Udemy might just be what you need.

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