What was your favourite thing about being a child

Childhood was a fun little time for most people, the laughs, the injuries, the terrible crafted songs like kuli kuli and groundnut attack your village you no fit escape or who is in the garden a fine little girl can I come and see her.

Or even the traditional version of hopscotch, hanging one leg in the air and getting sandy knees from having poor balance.

Childhood is filled with all sorts of things Tha make you smile and sometimes even cry. We have asked some people to share their favourite memories from childhood; here they are;

Deji: About ten years ago, in December 2009, sitting in the living room with my parents. Dad was making jokes, mom was making jokes, and everyone was laughing and happy.

Samuel: No bills, no Sapa. When my biggest problem was staying awake until 10 to watch Samurai Jack.

Feranmi: One time where I was sick, but mum still let me watch tv till my eyes were going to roll out.

What about you, what are your favourite childhood memories?

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