Lifestyle: Friday as an introvert

After a long week of surviving the woes of HR and narrowly escaping losing your source of livelihood, it is Friday!.

Rumour has it that Fridays are for turning up, but what do you when you turn up to you means wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, putting on whale sounds and sleeping off to the thought of crushing all your coworkers with a truck?

But apart from clubbing, attending cult meetings and preparing for sanitation in church on Saturday, what other things are Friday nights for?

I have asked a few introverts what happens on their Fridays, and here is what they had to say:


“In my room, catching up on shows and reading comics”


“Spend friday nights?

They spend me.

I actually just play fooball from 3-7”.


“There is no specific way as to how i spend my fridays evenings. The goal is always to wind down.”


“I spend it at home, on my computeror watching a movie, sometimes gaming with my brother.”

How do you spend your friday nights?



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