Bbnaija Reunion: We are watching the show, so you don’t have to

For those who do not know, the reunion of last year’s big brother is currently being aired on Africa magic, and we would like to beg biggie never to do this thing that he did with this last set ever again.

It was filled with absolutely problematic people who were not to age shame but old. They were old. Fgs, these people should be at KPMG, not on our fucking screens, and some of them were so crazily young, like biggie. Why??

The purpose of watching Big brother is to escape reality and not see what it would be like if we decided to give birth at 16. This last season and the recent reunion are also solid proof that BBN is everything but a distraction; the Nigerian youth, because we have parents who want you to succeed at everything, have harnessed the power of divided attention.

See ehn this is what is happening there RN is,

– White money and Queen fought and blocked each other

– Angel and Cross are no longer friends

– Emmarose ship has scattered

This is it for now. I can’t wait for the next season

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