4 Things ‘Legalize’ teaches us about love

If there is one thing Mr. eazi and Temi otedola will do is love up in our faces and we are here for it, towards the end of May, the Empawa musician proposed to his long-time billionaire girlfriend and it was given very much public display of affection, no qualms at all, I mean we have all been expecting this, you don’t start a podcast with someone you don’t see yourself with in the long run.

And now they are doing Adekunle gold baby and Simi style, he just released a new song and its video features his fiance, god’s phone must be ringing like crazy because this couple took a line from kiss daniel’s song, ‘we go suck all their megabyte’. This can be you too, really, here are some simple pointers.

• Allow someone to love you, you are not a goat, even goats love

• You cannot stay on the streets forever, you cannot belong to everyone and no one okay?

• Money makes love sweet

• Don’t judge a book by its cover, these two are physically the most unlikely pair. But they’re getting married but you with your standards are not.


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