How to keep your productivity at optimal level

It is a new week of new month research shows that the primary reason why most people hate the start of a new week is you have spent the weekend lavishing in a different persona of who you are or at least who you are in an alternate dimension if Dr. Strange permits anyway.

You are making a full circle back to that employee who chews loudly in the office, and you want to stab them in the back with a saber sword.

Very frustrating, we understand. Here are a few tips to stop feeling regressed every week

Every problem is an opportunity: Yes, you feel like the man at the front desk does not like you? This is an opportunity to hire a hitman.

Write out the things you hope to achieve in a day: Many successful people do this, so if you time it correctly, you should be able to figure out world hunger if you snatch Bill Clinton’s journal.

Start a new routine: Switch it up, go from jogging from your home and back to laying in bed all day, and you can pick anything to add to this routine to spice it up, from knitting to a knife fetish. YOU  DECIDE.

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