Friendship is a lifestyle too

It’s 2022, two years after friendships have been tried and tested in the brewing waters of the pandemics. And I think it’s safe to say most of us came out primarily alive unscathed; that would have been you too if you did not treat your friends like an afterthought.

You know, there’s this mindset most people have that everyone is going through their things and we should all just be going about life not expecting anything from anyone, but that is a terrible mentality.

To some extent, please don’t go around expecting things, but it does not make sense not to be intentional about the people you care about and expect them to stick around.

The body no be firewood. Networking in this time and age is far too fundamental for you to believe treating the people in your life like they’re lucky to be is excellent.

Friends have become a vital part of our existence because every day, we realise more than in the days before that noma is an island, and we can only rise by lifting others.

Even if it’s just a simple text, to say you are checking in on them will go a long way in shaping how they feel for you.

And for those who are homebodies and do not know how to make friends, you can start by interacting with the people already in your life; you can’t be in your shell all day be upset that there is no one there with you.

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