4 Movies to make Monday less “Monday-ey”

It is everyone’s favorite time of the week again, the beginning. At this point, we all usually search for one thing to make this overexaggerated period enjoyable,one thing that helps is; cinematic offerings, here are some Tv shows you should watch;

Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness: For MCU lovers, this show dives into the origin story of the man of little words. He knows how to not interfere, african parents can learn a thing or two.

Uncharted: Tom holland, the hottest and most adorable man on the planet, argue with your keyboard. He stars in this, so go see it.

Fantastic beasts, the secrets of dumbledore: This is a spin of a different fanatstic beast which is a spin off of Harry Potter so it is a never ending chain of stories for fantasy lovers.

Turning Red: This movie is an analogy for puberty, i think it is a great coming of age movie and definitely a must watch for every one.

Watch these movies on a Monday morning at your own peril, You know salary week is around the corner, but also, f*ck capitalism.

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