Meals to eat on Sunday that aren’t rice

Everyone is tired of the rice and stew, Jollof rice, fried rice….all the various types of rice, so we put together a shortlist of things you can eat that aren’t the usual.

1. Your partner: Nothing feels nicer than fornication on a Sunday. God did say go into the world and multiply.

2. The work of your hands: take money from your account and spend it on yourself, go to all the stores you have always wanted to visit, and splurge.

3. Communion: holy communion because Jesus didn’t Break his body and share his blood for you to be eating rice every day.

4. The work of another person’s hands: gear me out. Don’t we all love spending other people’s money? I mean, think about it.

5. Someone else’s  partner: because nothing is sweeter than another person’s girlfriend/boyfriend, I’m telling you this.


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