2023 Presidential Elections: Aspirants and what we think of them

If you are in tune with what is happening in this country at all, then you should know that the next election is beginning to look like a public spectacle.

Still, the primaries haven’t been done yet, as at the time of publishing this piece, so we do not know the aspirants we can vote for, but here is what we think about the ones who have declared intent.

1. Rochas Okorocha: Ah well, he was the former governor of Imo state, and he does have a handful of charities; we rate him a 7/10. He was charged with a fraud of 2.9 billion nairas. But who hasn’t been?.

2. Bola Ahmed Tinubu: Immediately, No! Immediately, No!!

3. Atiku Abubakar: This man is giving Buhari very much. When will he rest and stop trying to be president of this country? What did he keep in aso rock that he wants to carry?

4. Yemi Osinbanjo: Current Vice president of Nigeria and a ‘good man’ will rate an 8/10.

5. Peter Obi: So far, we can call him the people’s man. He has garnered the most public votes, and well, we think he deserves it, 9/10.

Buhari: I wish I had a time machine to go back and compelle everyone not to vote for this man.

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