Lifestyle: 5 Ways to show love to the men in your life

Fun fact: Men want to be loved too. They have let toxic masculinity and society deceive them into thinking they do not need all that special care and attention, but they do, and they like to receive it. So for all the babes and bros trying to find new ways to show all the men in their lives that they mean something to them, here are a few simple things you can do;

1. Good morning texts: Who doesn’t like waking up to see that they were the first person you thought of when you woke up? That shit goes straight to the soul.

2. Send them food: Everyone likes good food; no one on this earth that good food doesn’t warm their soul.

3. Send them money: This is tricky because sometimes it feels like you are insulting them with your chicken change, but research shows that most of them don’t mind the insult, so insult them today.

4. Show up: Just being there for someone when they need you ti be is more love than you know it.

5. Introduce them to gleetz magazine: How else are they supposed to continue to have access to good laughs if you dont tell them about us.

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