Asuu Strike: What to do with the extra three months

I think I speak for all Nigerian students of public universities when we say we are collectively tired of the way yhe federal government have chosen to treat our situation, but as much as we lament about our tiredness, they still do not care and it is unlikely that they will start to care anytime soon.

What we can do, anyway, is what we do in most situations, as nigerians is make the most of it, here are three things to make the most of these extra three months;

1. Fall in love: Use this period to catch all the feelings you told yourslef you didn’t have time to catch during school period, chop breakfast and serve breakfast all without affecting your CGPA.

2. Move in silence: Turn off your read reciepts, Don’t use whatsapp DP, Only post once in two weeks and let it be ‘grind so hard so you can smile easily’, be to busy for all the friends you made in school and make sure you resume with Benz.

3. Japa: Run! Or swim even, get as far away from this regressing country as you possibly can.

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