How to spice things up with your partner

Don’t you get tired? Of the everyday tlof tlof, we know you do, so we put together a list of things you can do to reignite that fire you both had when you first met.

That does not necessarily involve having carnal knowledge of one another.

Listening to music together: Thread with caution here because finding out the person you want to spend the rest of your life with doesn’t worship the floor wizkid walks on can make you rethink the plans you may have made.

Cook together: Especially if it is indomie and not pounded yam, or fried rice and not fufu, you get the drift.

Read the word of God: Yes, god will like to be part of other aspects of your life; he is more than just words of exclamation. Make him your lord and savior today.

Dance together: play hips, don’t lie by Shakira, and watch that man break his non-existent waist. I promise it will make you fall in love harder. Or out of it, it depends on if he can shake what the Lord gave him.

Gossip: Not pillow talk, gossip, don’t misquote me, you heathen child. Talk about how your days went with clothes on and eyes on the lord.

We accept thanks in shares and repost. Thank you for your understanding.

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