How to become a Millionaire

Nigeria is running to filth, hate to be that guy but it needed to be said; this country, is now a fictional story.

Crypto, is also going down a very colorful drain. Everywhere is just very sticky right now and vague.

So, I have compiled a very progressive list of how you can get the bag, you will thank me for this. I assure you.

1. Say you are running for presidency, ask everyone to contribute money and then say you are not doing again.

2. Buy one of those books from the hawkers on the road, follow the first two steps and write your own book, you are now a double millionaire.

3. Tell your friends you are getting married then collect money for Asoebi and run away.

4. Pose as the chairman of ASUU and tell various SUGs that if they are willing to raise money for the union schools will open.

5. Throw a party and lock the doors, people have to pay to leave.

6. Kidnap Rihanna or her child when she comes to Nigeria for Fenty launch.

7. Approach victony with a big bumbum.

8. Date a billionaire’s child, make sure you are wayward and they are in love with you then make a proposition to the parents to disappear, take the money and marry the child.

9. Start selling audacity to men.

10. Make an offer of premium whatsapp ‘gist’ to African parents.

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