May for Mental Health Awareness

In 2019, a survey on mental health in Nigeria, by Africa Polling Institute (API) and EpiAFRIC shows how awareness of mental health is low in Nigeria, with most respondents been aware that they have mental health disorder, recognized it and commonly caused by drug abuse, possession by evil spirits and sickness of the brain and majority of the patients are taken to a prayer house for spiritual interventions

A person that is mentally unstable may not have all the traits that you think they would have so in a lot of way it is relatively easy to overlook mental illness in a someone around you, simply because you are not properly sensitized.

Here is what mental health looks like in most cases and things you may miss;

* Mood changes

* Withdrawal

* Increased sensitivity

* Apathy

* Feeling disconnected

* Nervousness

An individual going through psychological unrest may not always be willing to ask for help, so don’t push them, let the person know you are there for them.


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