Irish Spring: A soothing soap for every home

Over the years, the importance of bathing with soaps have been well recorded, and even up till today, we still can’t call the bromance between the body and a gentle touch of a good soap bluff.

Without throwing tantrums around, there are soaps and there are “very good soaps”, depending on who’s asking_and most importantly what you want for your delicate body. Perhaps after perusing this piece, you might want to revisit your choice of bathing soaps.

Heard about the amazing Irish Spring bathing soap? Well, if you haven’t, now you have. So, let me indulge you carefully by telling you a short story of my affair with this amazingly lovely piece of well built bathing bar soap.

Some many months ago, I was flirting with a particular soap at the time and after some weeks I noticed I was struggling with an itching on several parts of my body_and it just won’t go away. So I reached out to my dermatologist who came up with some prognosis (If that’s the right word) that I had a fungal infection. My visage and entire body was gradually becoming a shadow of what it usually was

Long story short, I got some OTC drugs and a pack of Irish Spring soap as instructed by my derma.

Two weeks into using those drugs and this body suiting soap, and my body was back to it’s usual form. In honesty, one might say the drug worked. It did! But I know I can’t undermine the plus effect of the Irish Spring. It gave my body that extra air, mildness and easily relaxed my skin.

Product description 

Plus side of using Irish Spring Soap? 

The Irish Spring soap is an Aloe Mist Deodorant Bar Soap that is a class apart and ahead of other bathing soaps out there. That rich bar contains Pro-Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant that helps protect the skin against environmental stresses. Rich in lathering soap with a great invigorating scent and deodorant protection that leaves you fresh all day long.

Don’t mind the adjectives, I’m just trying to be creative. But for real, Irish Spring is your shot at having an invigorated, well moisturized, sweet scented and clean skin. Plus, it’s one of the few soaps around that won’t upset the pH balance of your skin.

How to spot the real Irish Spring Soap

It’s so sad that for a product this awesome, there’s already a variant in the market. However, I’ll quickly run a few tips by you to help you detect which is fake and which is original when you go shopping for your Irish Spring soap.

So, because the counterfeit product might be quite difficult to separate from the original Irish Spring Soap, you might have to read this carefully, and be very meticulous when shopping for your soap.

Check the pack: The original Irish Spring soap comes in a very delicate pack which has a whitish design on the side of it. This is easily one of the best ways to recognize the original product_as the fake doesn’t have it.

Colour: Now, this is part where you are more careful. Although you won’t get to know this until you’ve hit the bathroom to bathe. However, it might interest you to know that the color of the fake product is usually whiter than the original Irish Spring bar.

The pack sealing: This is another easy way to figure out your original Irish Spring soap from the fake one. While buying it, check that the lid is of two flips glued together to seal as against the fake one which is tucked in

How much does it cost? 

For a soap that soothens your body and gives you an all around freshenss and scent, Irish Spring is quite cheap. Right now, the product goes for around N350 to N400 on the average_that’s less than a dollar. Albeit it could be more depending on where you are shopping from.

Who can use Irish Spring? 

I’ve received loads of questions in this regard, and rightly so. For some reasons, some people think Irish Spring is a whitening soap, but let me be quick to put those conjectures to bed.

Irish Spring is a skin retention soap that only improves your skin quality_as such it has nothing to do with making you go lighter or darker. I carry a dark skin, and I’ve been using the soap for over two years now and my dark skin just keeps growing even more beautiful with each day that passes. So Yes! Anyone can wash with Irish Spring.

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