The Misinterpretation of Easter

Easter, in my opinion, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I mean, all we give it are crafted posters and tacky memes, I can’t lie, some slap, but its PR is just wacky, and here’s why;

1. We are not adequately prepared before the due date: I mean, one second, it’s a regular Saturday, and the next, it is Easter Sunday. I mean, come on, come on… Or maybe it is us; we mark our calendars for everything. Why can’t we do the same for Easter?

2. Most people don’t even know the reason for the holiday: On Friday, someone tweeted, ‘Happy birthday, Jesus’ Imagine being wished long life and prosperity on the day your life ends. DFKM, Easter is about the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

3. We need to start seeing it as baby Christmas: Like a prep for the main thing. DO you get it? If we see Easter as a runner-up of Christmas then the hustle and bustle around to get chicken and to go out is validated.

4. Its Easter, not Esther, Risen not rinsing: A large population of people do not know the past tense of rise, and it is rose, he arose. Present continuous; risen. Not rice, Arouse or risen and its not Esther’s birthday for Christ’s sakes, literally.
We have one more day left of this glorious day, please do enjoy it!

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