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This past week has been a lot, from Jesus “arousing” to Flutter wave scandal, domestic violence, and God help us, Asap cheated????

I’ve rounded it all up and brought you a quick read to fill the curious minds of people that are too lazy to research.

1. We are stepping into a four day weekend; The Federal government did something right for once in their lives, starting today till next week Monday. It’s a vacation for everyone—the perfect getaway from all the chaos of life.

2. ASUU is still on strike: I take it back, FG is useless. The most useless part of this country. It’s day 56, if I’m not mistaken. And these people have not decided what they want to do with students lives.

3. Yemi osinbanjo is threatening out lives: the Vice President of Nigeria has declared his intent to run for presidency and continue what buharinhas done.

4. Rihanna is still that bitch. That’s all we have to say concerning that. She will forever be that bitch.

What didn’t we touch?? Tell us in the comment section? What are you going to use your break for? I’m going to be working on my own tech startup now that flutter wave has fucked up.


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