5 Tips to Sell better as a Travel/Tour agent

After what has been an incredible tough past two years or thereabout for every single industry, it’s finally soul pleasing to see how fast things are returning to normalcy.

As a tourism and travel professional, I understand the struggles and devastating allotment that has befallen most travel agencies, especially those that were only just finding their footing before the outbreak. Well, you might feel tempted to say it’s 2022 already, and that we’ve all moved on. You might be right, but then again, this piece is coming from a very hallowed place_and after series of questions in this regard, we thought to put together a thing or two that might help travel/tour firms and agencies ease back to what they used to be and sell even better going forward.

Below are a few things you need to do to sell better going forward;

1. Be conscious of your online presence – This isn’t the time to go AWOL on your clients, else your future troubles might just have been well recorded ahead of you. If anything, it is the time to be ever present with worthy contents on your social media pages. That way, your clients and prospective clients would be keen to get served to your deliverables everyday.

2. Invest in aggressive marketing – You simply will be living a charmed life if you mug off marketing and your business is still booming. Because, for every business, marketing is key. So, as a travel or tour provider, you should invest in aggressive marketing like running a paid advert, engaging in mobile marketing, internet marketing, physical marketing etc.

3. Teach and Educate you clients – Well, Yes! It might interest you to know that most of your clients and possible clients are under the rocks about most information. So it is your duty as a pro to teach them_for free!.

You might feel the need not to give them all the valuable information, but trust me_just give it to them. The real perk for you is that most of them don’t even trust themselves to sort things with the information. So, they end up still coming back to you and you’ll be there to help them and make some money as well. It’s a win, win yeah?. I guess so.

4. Sell More attractions – For those who are into packaging of tours, this is the time to sell more destinations. Cook up nice deals, have people sign up and do the gigs. The pictures, videos and testimonials from those tours would do you a whole world of good on your social media pages, thereby giving you huge engagement, traffic and visibility.

5. Do not snooze on your clients – This is the part where you reconnect with your clients, especially your top clients. It doesn’t matter how you choose to go about it, what matters is ensuring to reach out to them and be sure they are back within the funnel. In truth, some might slip off the funnel, but perhaps that’s expected. But be sure to keep in touch with as many as you can. You will need them.


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