5 Ways to be a More Sustainable traveler

When we talk about responsible tourism or traveling, it doesn’t quite ring a loud bell. This is because most tourists or travellers alike do not understand the reason (s) to hold back whenever their legs hit the road. Well, in truth no one is really asking you to hold back. After all, the idea is to explore, have fun, see places and groove as much as you can. However, Sustainable or responsible traveling goes a long in improving the Eco system and by extension the earth.

In few days, the Earth day will be upon us, and as a result of this, I’ve decided to put together this piece. Below are some of the top six ways to stay green and be a sustainable tourist or traveler.

1. Plan Meticulously: For a regular traveler or tourist, it’s understandable that before any trip, there’s the need to plan ahead. This could involve your preferred attraction, Choice of accommodation, Budget etc. That said, as a sustainable traveler, it is important to choose sights that promote eco tourism like resorts, Cruise lines and others.

2. Pack Responsibly: You’d agree with me that packing is equally an important aspect of your trip. However, what you might not agree with is that you can also pack responsibly. Now, what does this even mean?. Packing responsibly starts from your suitcase. Eco friendly lines which are made from water bottles fetched from the oceans and leather made lines carved from animal skin, the use of reusable refillers, wood made sunscreens, and ensuring to pack light to to aid less emissions on the various transport systems you use are all means of responsible packing.

3. Be conscious of your carbon foot print: For those under the rocks, A carbon foot print is the total amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane that are generated by our actions. For instance, we produce greenhouse gas emissions from burning gasoline when we drive, burning oil or gas for home heating, or using electricity generated from coal, natural gas, and oil. Greenhouse gas emissions vary among individuals depending on a person’s location, habits, and personal choices.

Having said that, it’s easy to see how our activities on our tours could greatly affect the amount of carbon dioxide we dissipate on a daily. In truth there are carbon foot print calculators that help you in the knowledge of how much carbon you’ve emitted, also there are several ways of keeping the carbon emission in check. Some of these ways include; using recycled products, taking shorter showers, Turning off electricity when not in use, Avoiding wastage Using energy audits and many other activities that help the Eco system.

4. Pick a Sustainable Accommodation: As a tourist or traveler, your choice of accommodation can also have a great effect on sustainability. The SDGs 11 preaches sustainable Cities and communities, and this is the part where you ensure that you choose a resort, hotel, lodge or other accommodation that offers sustainability measures.

Source: Afefeyeye restaurant/bar

Whether that be food waste reduction, utilizing renewable energy, participating in conservation research or other methods, you’ll know you’ll not only be investing in a great vacation experience, but also one that makes the world a better place.

5. Reduce waste: Okay, so this one cannot be overemphasized really, and rightly so. As a sustainable tourism inclined entity, you need to understand the essence of keeping everywhere green and avoiding dumping of wastes indiscriminately.

Just so you know, the little things you do go a long way. Things like going on that tour with a reusable water bottle, booking a resort that offers recycling services, eating in instead of grabbing a take-away etc. All of these are the little ways your activities go a long way in aiding a sustainable city and earth as a traveler.

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